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Thoughts on the (new) GTA V Trailers

As you may know by now, I’m a big fan of the Grand Theft Auto series of video games and have been playing since the original. Today the third set of trailers were released by Rockstar. The launch is under five months away now, after the game was delayed from its original Spring 2013 estimate.

Fitting in with the new approach the game is taking – there are three main characters that the player will be – Rockstar released three seperate new trailers; each one focuses on a different character. It’s given us a huge glimpse into the game, enabling us the see what environment each player lives in.

Michael – the rich and formally criminalised family man, seems to be dragging himself back into the criminal underworld. Watch his trailer:

Franklin is a gangster but appears to want to get away from his lifestyle of violence and gangster warfare, with aspirations to be better.Watch his trailer:

Trevor appears to be crossing the thin line of insanity; we’ve already seen him driving a car into an oncoming train and blowing up buildings. Watch his trailer:

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