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How to get keep track of your TV shows and get notified when they return

tv-guideWe’ve all been in that annoying situation when you’ve been waiting for what seems to be an eternity for your favourite TV show to return to your TV, only to find out that it returned two weeks ago and you’re now two episodes behind. It’s annoying, and as a bit of a TV addict, I find it incredibly frustrating. It can often be put down to the fact that there’s no one easy way to find out.

Why isn’t there a simple solution? Well it’s pretty simple, really; we consume media from a variety of sources, be it Netflix, LoveFilm, the satellite TV box or online catchup services like BBC iPlayer. I personally use Netflix and Sky TV, and the problem doesn’t really exist with the online services because they’re much more interactive and contained – I follow Netflix on Twitter, for example. However, when it comes to the Sky box in the living room (or even the Freeview HD in the bedroom), it’s much harder because there are hundreds of channels all routing against each other. I watched the first half of ‘The Blacklist’ on Sky Living HD, but I don’t watch anything else on that channel – I didn’t want to miss it, so I went on the hunt to find a way to get notified on when it pops back onto the small screen. I found LocateTV.



I’d never heard of LocateTV before, and when I asked others, neither had they. But it’s actually a really useful free facility on the internet. It allows you to ‘pick’ your TV shows and adds them to your pick list. When these TV shows return (whether it be from a mid-season break, hiatus or just a new season of the show), it will appear on your TV schedule. Not only that, but you’ll get an email every week letting you know what’s showing over the course of the next seven days.

Editing Pick

LocateTV is totally customisable. You can select what episodes of a particular series you’ve watched, which means you’ll only get results you want to see. It’s genuinely useful.

It’s not a perfect thing though. I would have really liked a smartphone or tablet app, even if it was paid. Currently, the interactive elements of the service are limited to a desktop web browser.

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