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Five Apple iPhone 5 Expectations

With Apple set to unveil the iPhone 5 on Wednesday, I thought it was about time I did my thoughts on what we’re going to see. Alongside the iPhone 5, I anticipate the iPod Touch 5G. However, some sources claim that will launch alongside the iPad Mini in October; we’ll have to wait and see.

1. Bigger Screen – this is all but confirmed, as we’ve seen code in iOS 6 beta suggesting a bigger screen, and come on Apple, it’s about time too! A 4.0-inch display will be present on the upcoming iPhone. An extra row of icons will probably feature on the home screen of iOS, compensating for the extra screen real estate.

2. Improved Cameras – while the rear-facing camera will probably remain at the 8 megapixel count, the front-facing camera, as well as being re-positioned to the center of the front, is expected to have HD quality.

3. New looks – the leaks that we’ve seen at various points in the past few months is exactly what I think the iPhone 5 will look like. An almost unchanged front, but a two-tone back with glass and metal. It should keep roughly the same shape as the previous iPhone 4 and 4S, all be it thinner. I anticipate that for many people, it won’t seem like a particularly big change (especially those who use cases).

4. Faster Internals – now for the boring bit. At the very least, the iPhone 5 should have the Apple A5X processor seen on the third generation iPad. But I can’t rule out the possibility of a quad-core A6 processor. That being said, the last two years have suggested that the new internal components are seen on the iPad first, and then migrate to the iPhone. (A4 Order: iPad 1 – iPhone 4 – iPod Touch 4G; A5 Order: iPad 2 – iPhone 4S; A5X Order: iPad 3 – iPhone 5?)

5. That mystery killer feature – if previous iPhone launches tell us anything, it is that Apple like to surprise us with a “killer” feature that they build a marketing strategy around to encourage existing iPhone owners to upgrade.

[History of “killer” features]:

iPhone 3G 2008: 3G Internet

iPhone 3GS 2009: Video Recording

iPhone 4 2010: FaceTime

iPhone 4S 2011: Siri

iPhone 5 2012: ?

So, the iPhone 5 should be a great seller, as all iPhones turn out to be. However, I can’t help but feel that the iPhone is falling behind the huge surge in the Android marketplace; in fact, I’ve seen loads of Samsung Galaxy S IIIs in the last couple of months. Of course, we can’t make final judgements until the iPhone is officially unveiled, but I certainly hope that Apple figure out a way to create a spark in the next generation iPhone 5.

As per usual, stay tuned to TheMookie for my post-event analysis on Wednesday, and follow me on Twitter for my up to date opinions on the happenings.

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