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Final iPhone 5/4S Thoughts for Tomorrow

Ahead of the Apple iPhone keynote tomorrow, I wanted to do my final thoughts on what I expect Apple will be announcing and shortly after, launching to the public.

The big question leading to tomorrows event is whether Apple will announce an iPhone 5, an iPhone 4S or both. Personally, I have a feeling that Apple will release both. I think it would go down very well. Here’s why: while the iPhone platform has been targeted towards the higher end of the market, the lower end consumers have been more prone to pickup an HTC Wildfire S, Galaxy Ace, or something of the like, most of which are powered by Android. If Apple could dent Android domination in the budget minded consumer level, they could earn just a little bit more cash to add to the pile building up at Cupertino. Any you may then think, what about the old iPhone? – with every new iPhone, the older iPhone is made cheaper, with less storage. Let’s face it, people want the latest bit of tech they can get. And by the end of the two year contract, that iPhone is going to be pretty slow, and very outdated. So having a brand new, cheaper iPhone will solve the issue.

One thing, that is inevitable for Apple to implement, is a bigger screen. The current 3.5-inch display, depsite having an absolutely blinding resolution, is too small. If Apple could bump up to 4.0-inches, I’d be a happy chap, and a lot of other people would be too.

We’re more than likely going to see an A5 CPU in both iPhone models. The cheaper model will probably have a lower clock speed, though. The higher end iPhone should have 1GB RAM too, which would be a welcome addition.

An 8MP camera is almost certain on the iPhone 5, while the iPhone 4S will more than likely have the same 5MP sensor seen in the iPhone 4.

The design of the iPhone 4S will probably stay the same, and if not very similar to the iPhone 4. I think we might see a 3.7-inch display on the 4S, so slightly bigger. You’ll be surprised what 0.2-inches can do when web browsing! The iPhone 5 will probably have a design influenced by the iPad 2 – more tapered edges, and thinner.

And of course, it will be running iOS 5. Let me know what you’re excited about with what Apple should announce tomorrow. And let me know if there’s something that maybe I’ve missed. Check back on TheMookie tomorrow for updates as it happens. I’ll be following it live through several live sources!


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