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5 things I expect in the iPad 3

The time has almost come to put the rumours to rest and actually see what Tim Cook has to say about the next generation iPad – what we’re all assuming is going to be called, iPad 3. Here are five things that I expect to see announced on Wednesday 7th March:

  • Retina Display – I think this is probably the most reliable piece of information we have on the iPad 3 Pre-event. The current display on the iPad 2, and of that seen on the original iPad, is simply mediocre – to compete with the likes of Asus and Samsung for a whole year, a screen improvement is essential and inevitable – 2048 x 1536 is what we’ll more than likely see, which should be a huge improvement over the current display.
  • Cameras – the cameras on the iPad 2 are absolutely awful! They need to be improved to at least 5 mega-pixel, and hopefully 720p video on the front camera, so FaceTime can be HD, even from a mobile device.
  • Internals – this is a mixed bag; what was originally being expected to be in the iPad 3, a quad-core A6 processor, seems less likely than it did about a month and a half ago. Especially since an image was published online of a motherboard with a CPU clearly labelled as an “A5X”. Although an upgraded A5 processor is possible, though, I still believe that a quad-core A6 CPU is what we’ll see.
  • Siri – Yes, oh yes. That friendly voice assistant could leap from the iPhone 4S straight into the iPad 3; at least, I hope so. If Siri is not featured in the iPad 3, I will seriously begin to doubt the future of the digital voice assistant, which was only announced last October.
  • 4G LTE – this one doesn’t apply to me since I’m in the UK, but I’m mentioning it because more than 50% of my viewers are in the United States; so you lucky people will likely have the pleasure of blazing fast 4G LTE speeds from both AT&T and Verizon, leaving us folks with 3G internet choking in your dust…

It’s worth noting that iOS 5.1 will probably be released in conjunction with the iPad 3 too.

So there you have my iPad 3 predictions. Just to clarify my opinion, I am 95% sure that the iPad 3 WILL have a Home Button, unlike these crazy rumours have been suggesting in recent days. And no, there will NOT be a smaller iPad any time in the near future, in my opinion.


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